"Different from the unexpected experiences of the natural world, which involuntarily open our hearts to the elemental depths of Being, artworks are deliberate acts of the creative imagination, forming sights and sounds from the surge of existence, and thereby transforming the sensibilities of their recipients. Through these aesthetic acts we are affected by new experiences of the vast elementariness of existence, and the fragile world we construct on a daily basis. Perhaps more radically than myths and epics, which seem somehow to be inlaid in the depths of Being, the art forms we have considered (painting, music, and poetry) throb with a certain secondariness and the aura of their artifice. They shriek against our chatter and flash in the darkness of routine—transient creations stationed at the interface of elemental infinitude and the forms of culture. They are witnesses and reminders of what we do not readily bear in mind. In and through their agency, we are implacably seized and thrown toward the void—silenced by the silence beyond words.”

— Michael Fishbane, Sacred Attunement: A Jewish Theology